Approach To Patient With Liver Mass

This communication is a follow up to my previous letter of personal introduction to you. From this and future communications through “HPB news” I intend to give information on common problems of liver, pancreas & biliary tract useful in day to day practice for non HPB practitioners and how to handle them till the patient can be sent to a HPB specialist unit. These problems include obstructive jaundice, a liver mass (benign or cancer), a pancreatic mass (usually cancer), a gall bladder mass (usually cancer), complex biliary stones, patient with hepatitis B or C or cirrhosis of liver with complications & inquiring about liver transplantation, bile duct injury, liver or pancreatic cyst, acute or chronic pancreatitis, recurent acute pancreatitis, liver metastasis, liver & pancreatic trauma etc & many more. The 1st issue is on “approach to a patient with liver mass”.