Liver and Pancreas Clinic is official website of The Liver & Pancreas Clinic or LPC, Mumbai

LPC is owned & managed by Dr.D.R. Kulkarni (HPB surgeon).The outpatients are evaluated at Lilavati Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai by Dr. Kulkarni and inpatients are managed at one of the tertiary care hospitals he is attached to. His support team consists of hepatologist,Gl endoscopist, intensive care specialist, intervention radiology specialist and medical oncologist.

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Clinical Services

Clinical services include surgery for a variety of diseases of liver, biliary tract & pancreas; both benign & cancer.

Patient Information and Booklet

The booklets are in the form of FAQ on various common diseases like liver and pancreatic cancer and also on treatment modalities like Whipple's surgery for pancreatic cancer.

HPB News

This is a newsletter initiative from LPC to educate medical practitioners. It is brought out at regular interval and deals with common topics and contemporary treatment approach.

Future projects

  • Clinical Research
  • Education (CME / Academic programs)
  • Liver & Pancreas Cancer Foundation
  • Operative videos
  • Resources

Liver & Pancreas Clinic recent Blogs


How Pancreatic Cancer Diagnose Or Confirmed?

A patient with symptoms & signs of a pancreatic tumor may be 1st seen by family physician, internist, and general surgeon or directly by gastroenterologist. Specialist pancreatic surgeon is usually the last ring in the chain unfortunately and... Learn more...

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer – Effects, Symptoms And Signs You Should Know …

Most commonly cancers of the pancreas arise in the head of the gland. This has two effects. First, the cancer blocks the bile duct leading to jaundice, dark urine and pale stools.
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Cancer of The Pancreas

What Is The Cause Of Cancer of The Pancreas?

The cause of pancreatic cancer is largely not known, although in the case of ductal-type cancer (see below) there is an association with smoking tobacco. There is also an increased risk in patients with chronic pancreatitis and Hereditary Pancreatitis.... Learn more...

Patients Case Studies

Case Studies: Pancreatic Cancer

Portal vein resection during curative resection of pancreatic cancer

52-year old male patient presented with acute onset jaundice. He was a known case of with chronic calcific pancreatitis secondary to alcohol since 6 months with his gastroenterologist. He had steatorrhea and diabetes due to CP. He was on pancreatic enzyme supplements & insulin for the same. Learn more...

Chronic calcific pancreatitis treatment

Treatment of Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis – Endoscopy Versus Surgery

35 - year old ladypresented to LPC Mumbai with intermittent abdominal pain. Pain was intermittent, colicky, more in epigastrium and periumbilical region & radiating to back, mainly postprandial & accompanied by vomiting. She also had intermittent loose motions & significant weight loss.Learn more...

Treatment Of Synchronous Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis

Treatment Of Synchronous Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis

36-year-old patient was referred to LPC, Mumbai with abdominal complaints. Patient had a CT scan done on the advice of his general practitioner. It showed a concentric circumferential thickening in ascending colon and solitary lesion in liver. Learn more...