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Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery for Liver Tumor

Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

Laparoscopic Resection of Liver Hemangioma

62 year old lady presented with dull upper abdominal pain. Preliminary investigation had revealed a giant liver hemangioma in left lobe of liver. She was thoroughly investigated to rule out all other causes for her complaints, was given conservative treatment for issues like constipation and every effort was done to prove that there was no other cause for her complaints. She was subjected to a laparoscopic removal of the liver hemangioma which was hanging from the undersurface of left lobe of liver. The blood loss was 5 ml and surgical time was 1 hour. Patient was discharged on 3rd postoperative day.

There are 2 important issues here

  1. Management of liver hemangioma - This is discussed in detail in the patient information booklet on liver hemangioma and interested reader should read more about it here.
  2. Role of laparoscopy in liver surgery - Laparoscopic management of liver tumors or laparoscopic liver resection (minor or major) is performed by surgeons who are masters in laparoscopic and liver surgery both. It is considered a very advanced laparoscopic surgery and needs skills & equipment back up.

Minor liver resections like removal of small / peripheral / anterior areas of liver or tumors located in those regions is a relatively easy surgery. Above patient had a similar liver tumor located near the liver edge and was ideal / suitable for a laparoscopic surgery.

Major liver resections like a left or right hepatectomy or more are more difficult especially when the tumor is also large. Hence careful planning and execution is needed. Such surgery is performed by experienced surgeonss with appropriate back up and with readiness to convert to open surgery when required.

liver hemangioma

Laparoscopic Resection of Liver Hemangioma

Resection of Liver Hemangioma

Liver Hemangioma Surgery

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